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Spring Hill International School
Jordan - Amman - Fifth Circle
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Spring Hill International School
Fifth Circle
Welcome to Spring Hill International School

In the name of of Allah the Merciful

(Say: Do those who know and those who do not know know, but remember Oulu Al-Kabbab)

Great truth of God

From al-Rawabi, the journey began and in the spring, it fell after a fascinating and rich journey

We moved together together with students, teachers, administrators, parents and grandparents from the trail to the trail, until we arrived at the Mezher Kindergarten and the comfort of our cousins.

In Rawabi Spring International School we work according to strategic planning in order to educate our children to adopt critical thinking, solve problems, accept others and enrich knowledge while preserving our Arab Islamic culture in the hope that our students will be proud of their identity, take responsibility and come home and produce what they need.

Today, the school is approaching the end of the fourth year of its establishment and is preparing to start in the fifth year I would like to reassure you and say that I seek signs of realizing what I dreamed of when I thought with my husband d. Mohamed Samaha and my sons Mazen, Moataz, Muhannad and Rania to establish a school with a different approach, and when joined to our institution who bears the same thought and concern financial and administrative adviser d. Hassan Al-Asoud, the educational counselor of the kindergarten teacher Sherine Al-Saadi, who joined us a constellation of successful administrators and teachers who contributed faithfully and sincerely to realize the dream

Thank you to Mrs. Nasreen Abu Riyal, Ms. Darine Issa, Ms. Da'id Rayyan. I hope that you will continue as you wish

With great skill and professionalism, Al Rawabi has worked to develop the character of our students through the process of education so that they can use technology in education from their very earliest age and apply what they have learned in their working life, thus improving their lives and the lives of their communities and thus becoming balanced individuals

  Our goal in school from the process of education, which has been developed in my eyes since the founding of Al Rawabi, that students can access the knowledge from their various sources and link the information obtained by our students and then use that knowledge generated in different areas in life and society each according to his way and needs, Arabic, English, French) tools to search and investigate and to summarize what the students reached information and communicate with others with skill and confidence at the same time

The student learns the scientific research curriculum from observation to conclusion, analysis of findings and comparison of results. This requires providing our students with tools of critical thinking.

(STEM Education)

Which helps the student in the mechanisms of asking questions and the assumption of hypotheses and conclusions and not accept what surrounds him as Muslims.

Our community today applies to the statement (makes Hakim Hiran) so I have with the staff of the administrative and teaching staff in Rawabi Spring provided my students since the first year of the school tools ranging from the concept floats and drowns in the kindergarten to the Science Fair in the basic school and which earns harmony between the application of children and parents and article Scientific thanks to all parents for their contributions.

Here is another step of the steps of strategic planning is the continuous strategic assessment where the student is evaluated on the scientific and practical learning and not what the student memorized orally or in writing

Evaluation of student outcomes, based on the principle of individual differences during their daily interactions in and out of the classroom in different ways that take into account their educational patterns (audio, visual, kinetic) and aim to measure learning skills cumulatively

Evaluation methods differ from traditional assessment to strategic assessment that achieves justice among students and their potentials and abilities.

Because we believe that we are part of a society that has the task of building a confident and confident future generation of strong and effective communication skills, a range of programs that reinforce these skills

(Life skills programs), which are reflected in the attitudes mentioned in the students' language

When I have a problem you know what to do

-I will share it with you or with my teacher

- Or when one of the students lost some one who's close from her mother she told her Mum


In Rawabi we believe in the creativity and talents of our students and seek to discover, nurture and develop them

We provide qualified trainers and participate in competitions and activities in English

Al-Khatib Al-Sagheer Competition and getting the first place in the Rubtex competition

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Spring Hill International School
Jordan - Amman - Fifth Circle

Welcome to Rawabi Spring School and Kindergarten


Our vision

We believe that every student has the right to learn and work in a safe and encouraging school environment that provides students with different opportunities to develop their abilities and develop their skills

Our mission

Is to teach students critical thinking and accept others and rich knowledge while preserving the Arab and Islamic culture, so that they become proud members of their identity to take responsibility, and belong to their home and produce what they need

and that is through

1 - Administrative and educational team and a supervisory body with competence and specialized expertise

 A rich study environment equipped with computers, a library and smart boards

 Teaching the Arabic language with its different skills and speaking to others

 Programs to strengthen students using the system

 New buses for students who need transportation

Many activities such as: Taekwondo - Dabke - Football - Aerobic

 A number of learning programs have been adopted in the school and kindergarten to develop the academic and emotional aspects of the students

Continuous assessment

Students are constantly evaluated according to modern assessment strategies by observing students during work, projects, and homework

Student Reports

The score sheets are distributed to all students three times per semester

 Our Programs


A) is a comprehensive collection of worksheets, games, and homeworks covering the various skills of the Math curriculum, consisting of a series of interactive lessons that use their applications on smart devices and computers under the supervision of teachers and parental involvement


B) Positive Curriculum: An organizational philosophy that aims to build a comprehensive, healthy and safe learning environment that promotes emotional and emotional health. The curriculum and school curricula that promote this philosophy are developed, including all school staff and parents' participation.

C) Emotional Intelligence: This program is applied from kindergarten to the third grade in order to develop the skills of effective social communication, based on the results of studies that found that people who have the skills of emotional intelligence have the greatest mental health and optimal functioning and leadership skills

Faithful doors

In order to consolidate the faith and religious values ​​in the students, and encourage them to worship, programs were followed

Save the Quran every morning

Allocating time to perform the noon prayer group within the school campus

Follow-up daily prayer through the work of follow-up prayer form, and fill it daily by the student or guardian

Celebrating religious events such as "migration, the birth of the Prophet, Ashura ..." through the work of various activities

Fasting naafil and encouraging students with gifts and certificates of appreciation

We integrate science, action and learning fun through our scientific experiments
We integrate science, action and learning fun through our scientific experiments
We all learn more when we're having fun! Today our students excelled while presenting their experime...
Graduation Ceremony of the fifth graduating class of Rawabi Spring International School and School
Graduation Ceremony of the fifth graduating class of Rawabi Spring International School and School
Under the patronage of His Excellency Yasra Ghosheh, the Chairman of the Board, Dr. Mohammed Samaha,...
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