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Phoenic School
Jordan - Amman - Khalda
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Phoenic School
Welcome to the Phoenic Educational Foundation
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Phoenic School
Jordan - Amman - Khalda

School of phoenix

 The Phoenician in Arabic is the master and the basis of sovereignty (as the phoenix) and is the ability to rise again after the fall thanks to the possession of reason and power. Thus, the ancient Arabs crossed the fissures of a composite symbol from the human head (the mind) and the body of the lion or ox with the wings of the eagle (force), a symbol found in many different sizes in the Arab world from the Euphrates Valley Hull as an example) through the Levant and the island


There are many mythology myths and symbols that reflect the concept of rebirth, as in the myth of the phoenix bird, which dies when it burns and emerges from its ashes a Phoenician or a new human human race.


Our vision

To provide the school of phoenix methods of efficiency and resources distinct in education and teaching, and to help students and teachers to achieve their goals and aspirations and become our educational resource documented in the benefit of the educational process



Our Mission

Contribute to building a generation capable of producing knowledge and using it effectively to serve humanity


Our goal

Restore the mind to the mind and respect the human again


General goals

Empowerment: Enabling students to deal with the current world and perspective (empowering from our point of view means arming the student with the necessary knowledge for this deal: information, skills, and behavioral tendencies)


Learn about rational thinking

Identify assumptions and evaluate their validity

The ability to read between development and development

The ability of students to evaluate the arguments presented to them

Developing the students' abilities to provide more solid and persuasive arguments

Developing students' ability to deal with numbers and facts

Develop the ability to evaluate evidence

Re-examine the search for wisdom in society

To promote the necessary communication skills and skills of students and to equip them with skills to deal and communicate with each other based on a clear understanding of the self and the other to build the ground for mutual understanding (aware of the difference, not the oppressor of this difference)

Strengthen leadership capacities within the values ​​of community spirit and institutional action

Motivate innovation and master work

Building the ability to adopt lofty goals and define goals to reach them within the scope of the individual and the community and work towards achieving them

Raising students' self-confidence and enhancing their belonging to the culture of their society and civilization

Plant love of knowledge and exploration in students

Raising students' interest in the different sciences and supporting materials and then raising the level of their academic achievement

Spread awareness of duties and rights and promote volunteerism

Improve the level of performance of educational and academic teachers so that the teacher becomes a professional professional

To employ methodologies and methodologies capable of understanding reality and addressing its problems in theory, model and practice

Redefining concepts and their relation to the Arab reality


Simplify basic intellectual concepts to become part of student culture

Working in cooperation with universities and scientific institutions to modify the models and methodologies of education, research and application


Our beginnings

The methods used in teaching are concerned with enhancing one aspect of the student's knowledge of sports, but the development of all aspects of knowledge (artistic, musical, instrumental and manual) equally leads to the building of a balanced and integrated personality

The diversification of teaching methods, evaluation and presentation of knowledge increases the impact of learning on students

All students have the ability to understand and master all the materials and the difference between them lies in their interests and tendencies

The motivation for learning lies in what the student wants to know and not what teachers want him to know

The teacher is knowledgeable and not a source of knowledge

Internal stimulation is more effective than external stimulation in improving student performance

Diversity and diversity are what enrich the student and teacher experience

The teacher is a fundamental pillar in the learning process and thus the development of his skill and deepen his culture and help him so that raises the science and the educational process

The different international curricula and their ability to improve the academic level of students do not fit the needs and requirements of our society

That the mind of man only cares about what is within the understanding, it is necessary to understand the relationship between different concepts and topics from several angles (expand students' perceptions)

The development of the ability to express feelings, feelings, tendencies, attitudes and movements is in no way less than knowledge

Experimental research and mental proof is the basis of learning for students and teachers

The language of society is its cultural identity and source of identity

It is the right of a person to identify his identity, which distinguishes him from others and their development and pride

Religion is a fundamental pillar in the building of the individual and the community

Learning is a way of life

 Variety of art activities
Variety of art activities
Various art activities - Phoenix School...
 Students of the phoenix school took grades 3, 4 and 5 in camping
Students of the phoenix school took grades 3, 4 and 5 in camping
The students of the phoenix school from the third, fourth and fifth grades were camping at Amman Nat...
Fruit salad activity to study taste
Fruit salad activity to study taste
Fruit salad activity - taste sense - phoenix kindergarten ...
Variety of art activities
Variety of art activities
Various art activities - Phoenix School ...
Students of the Phoenix School were camping at the Amman National Park
Students of the Phoenix School were camping at the Amman National Park
The students of the phoenix school from the third, fourth and fifth grades were camping at Amman Nat...
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