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American University Schools
Jordan - Irbd - Al Hashemi Street
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American University Schools
Al Hashemi Street
Welcome to American University Schools

Returns on educational investment are measured by students' academic achievements.

Indeed, the caliber of educational institutions varies, yet those offering high quality services at low cost require investments of their all stakeholders. Accordingly, we realize that excellence in academic knowledge and economic growth positively correlate and play an instrumental role in ensuring the development of our nation.

Our vision is to provide the region with the best educational services.

To enable this, The American University Schools of the Middle East was strategically established on the northern side of Jordan, to serve all local districts.

DR.shukri Al Marashdeh

Class Price Curriculum
Preschool 1000 International Program
KG1 1500 International Program
Kg2 1700 International Program
First grade 2100 International Program
Second grade 2200 International Program
Third grade 2300 International Program
fourth grade 2400 International Program
fifth grade 2600 International Program
Sixth grade 2800 International Program
Seventh grade 3000 International Program
Eighth grade 3300 International Program
Ninth grade 3600 International Program
Tenth grade 4100 International Program
First secondary 4700 International Program
Preschool 1000 Local Program
KG1 1100 Local Program
Kg2 1200 Local Program
First grade 1300 Local Program
Second grade 1400 Local Program
Third grade 1500 Local Program
fourth grade 1600 Local Program
fifth grade 1700 Local Program
Sixth grade 1800 Local Program
Seventh grade 2000 Local Program
Eighth grade 2200 Local Program
Ninth grade 2400 Local Program
Tenth grade 2600 Local Program
Region One way Price Two way Price
Irbid - Ramtha One way 0 Two way 300
Jerash One way 0 Two way 300
Ajloun One way 0 Two way 350
almafraq One way 0 Two way 450
American University Schools
Jordan - Irbd - Al Hashemi Street

Our Visio
To cultivate a generation of innovative thinkers and socially responsible citizens practicing core values all while instilling pride in one’s cultural identity, equipped with the latest knowledge and technology,  college ready and competitors in the global market.

Our Mission
.To  create and support an environment that inspires each student to be a confident, creative and moral individual prepared to adapt and succeed anywhere in our rapidly changing world

Our values:
· Creativity
· Responsibility
· Pride
· Honesty
· Diversity

Science activity for students grade 1
Science activity for students grade 1
Grade 1 Science activity "The ways that change the properties of matter". ...
project ideas out of cardboard
project ideas out of cardboard
Grades 4,5, & 6 making various project ideas out of cardboard, Vocational class. ...
4B students acting out the play
4B students acting out the play "The Power of WOW"
4B students acting out the play "The Power of WOW," English Literature class. ...
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