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Wonder Kids Academy
Jordan - Amman - Seventh Circle
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Wonder Kids Academy
Seventh Circle
welcome to Wonder Kids Academy
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Wonder Kids Academy
Jordan - Amman - Seventh Circle

Wonder Kids Academy



The education of young children in kindergartens is of great importance in the life of the child, because of its distinct and different from the education in the home environment,


The nurseries have a large building equipped with special furniture suitable for children to develop their creations and work to create something new.


who are we ?

We paint the smile on the faces of your children. We work hard not just to keep your children

But we are working on social security .. Health safety .. Self-esteem and confidence



Curriculum provided by the nursery

 Theoretical Approach

 scientific method

 Arabic-English curriculum

American system of education

          English, Arabic, Science

English School for Teaching Phonics

Organization of anniversaries


The long working hours of the nursery until 6:00 pm provide the working family with the required time to stay until late hours


Christmas decorations, special events, seasonal festivals, or any special request from customers. Inside and outside the nursery




How to teach

The wonderful children's environment focuses heavily on developing the child's ability to use the surrounding tools to give educational ideas clearly

Kindergarten is a basic period of the child's age that should not be neglected. The move to the wonderful children's environment gives children the ability to learn to read, to do arithmetic and to start thinking about the world in terms of interconnected facts. It is the time to socialize and refine his personality, by treating children together in work, playing and paying attention to the thoughts and feelings of others



The difference between traditional nurseries and a wonderful kindergarten

There are important differences between the wonderful kindergarten and the traditional nursery rhymes. In the more traditional kindergarten classes, the primary focus is on developing social skills with some initial cognitive work. But the classes in the wonderful children focus on the development of cognitive skills on a solid basis of training in the sensory and motor skills in the classroom in the wonderful children, the child progresses in the same age group, there is no pressure to (catch) or (keep) to the level of grade


The child works in the same age group for the development of good work habits including initiative, ability to analyze and the ability to continue to accomplish the task, and stress make each child feel dependent on his own abilities in the area he wishes

Education in the wonderful children, believes that the school year of kindergarten is necessary to promote all social work

A passionate and academic that is carefully cared for even children in the third and fourth year of age. The children's classroom at the Academy of Fantastic Kids is not similar to the traditional primary classrooms, kindergartens in the traditional classroom, the focus is on developing social skills with some introductory work in cognitive skills in the children's wonderful environment is focused on individual growth, On the basis of the board of sensory and motor skills training this makes transition to academic strata much easier for the child. This transition occurs naturally during the third year in the classroom for the wonderful children without stress or stress on the child



The program of our basic goals

We believe that early childhood should be at a time devoted to fun, security, warmth, and exploration. Pre-school children are creative and receptive to information. All our staff strive to promote and encourage these qualities. Our goal is to focus on the child, love and enrich the environment wherever the child has been

Develop love of lifelong learning

Get independence and learn self-discipline

Learn the right skills to move to the second stage of learning with confidence and enthusiasm

Learn respect for himself, and for other people around him

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