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Asamiah International School
Jordan - Amman - King Abdallah St.
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Asamiah International School
King Abdallah St.
Welcome to Al Samia International School

Dear Parents and Learners,



Welcome to AIS website




On behalf of all our staff, I would like to welcome you to Asamiah International School.




AIS offers a bilingual, bi-curricular IB program of study where both English and Arabic are given equal importance in the foundation stages and across the school.



At AIS we aim to provide every learner with the very best education possible through vibrant and engaging teaching that is deeply rooted in IB pedagogy and practice.  Our learners are thus enabled and challenged to become creative, active, compassionate and confident lifelong learners.


Our children are, first and foremost, engaged in every day concept-based practices, morals and values that support character education and public speaking skills.  We link our cultural ethics with the heart of the IB Learner Profile to raise good citizens. We teach towards the 21st century and equip our learners with important IT, communication, self-management and leadership skills for life.


AIS set up a rigorous, exciting, broad and balanced IB curriculum for all its different learning stages. AIS is IBPYP and IBDP authorized. It is also slowly preparing the middle years to become MYP authorized in due course.


Throughout the school, we aim to ensure that our children enjoy a wide range of learning engagements and real life experiences which bring the curriculum to life and make learning engaging and fun.  Our staff works hard to ensure the best possible quality of education is at the service of our dear learners.


At AIS, every child matters and thus we offer learning and leadership support and enrichment to all our students based on their individual needs.


Our website aims to give you a taste of what AIS is all about, along with a range of useful information such as news and updates.


I hope you find it useful, please do not hesitate to contact the school if you require further information.



Shirine Al Khudari

School Principal


Class Price Curriculum
Preschool 2860 International Program
KG1 3350 International Program
Kg2 3350 International Program
First grade 3505 International Program
Second grade 3570 International Program
Third grade 3640 International Program
fourth grade 4390 International Program
fifth grade 4390 International Program
Sixth grade 5540 International Program
Seventh grade 5540 International Program
Eighth grade 5540 International Program
Ninth grade 6130 International Program
Tenth grade 6740 International Program
First secondary 7500 International Program
Second secondary 8500 International Program
Region One way Price Two way Price
Swaileh, Al-Kamaliah, Dabouq, Khalda, Um Al-Summaq, Al-Kursi, Al-Jandaweel, Dahiyat Al-Ameer Rashid One way 390 Two way 580
Tila’a Al-Ali, Gardens, Dahiyat Al-Rasheed, Safout, Al-Bayader, 7th Circle, Jubaiha – Manhal Traffic light, Al-Rabiah, Al-Ferdous One way 420 Two way 640
Um Uthayna, Abdoun, Sweifieh, Deir Ghbar, Nadi Al-Ahli, Sports City, Arjan, Ain AlBasha, Shmeisani, Wadi Saqra, Abu Nsair, 5 th Circle, 6th Circle, 4th Circle One way 445 Two way 690
Marj Al-Hamam, Fuhais, Jabal Amman, 2nd Circle, 3rd Circle One way 475 Two way 750
End of Marj Al-Hamam, Al-Bnayyat, Behind Petra University One way 495 Two way 790
Asamiah International School
Jordan - Amman - King Abdallah St.

welcome to  Asamiah International School












AIS at a Glance

ASAMIAH International School is a co-educational, bilingual and bi-curricular school from KG to Grade 12. AIS is an IB school. It offers the IB PYP Curriculum for grades 1-5 as well as the DP for grades 11 and 12. The school is located in Khalda and is easily accessible to parents and visitors. The constructed area covers 18,600 square meters on 10 dunums.


ASAMIAH International aims to develop inquiring, self-confident, independent, productive, respectful and caring lifelong learners.







AIS Mission Statement

ASAMIAH International School (AIS) aims to develop inquiring, self-confident, independent, productive, respectful and caring lifelong learners.

To this end, AIS is committed to the achievement of academic excellence through providing our learners with high quality education. Our school ensures that all our learners grow intellectually, emotionally and physically in a creative, loving and respectful environment.

ASAMIAH International School strives to develop international-minded learners whilst instilling in them a sense of pride and belonging to their country. AIS prepares students to meet their future with confidence, contribute positively to their local and global society and take pride in their cultural heritage.




The project of reaching a city in Jordan to meet their guide and inspiration
The project of reaching a city in Jordan to meet their guide and inspiration
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Explain the mutual relationship between living organisms
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