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ابن تيمية
Jordan - Madaba - Theban
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ابن تيمية
Welcome to Ibn Taimia school
Class Price Curriculum
KG1 585 Local Program
Kg2 625 Local Program
First grade 685 Local Program
Second grade 715 Local Program
Third grade 725 Local Program
fourth grade 750 Local Program
fifth grade 785 Local Program
Sixth grade 815 Local Program
Seventh grade 835 Local Program
Eighth grade 985 Local Program
Ninth grade 975 Local Program
Tenth grade 1100 Local Program
First secondary 1450 Local Program
Second secondary 1550 Local Program
Region One way Price Two way Price
ابن تيمية
Jordan - Madaba - Theban

Our Mission

To achieve leadership and mastery of learning and commitment. To create a creative educational environment that achieves leadership and mastery and preserves Islamic values ​​and principles through trained educational and administrative cadres for the creative and productive student industry that belongs to his nation, homeland and society.

Our School (Ibn Taymiyyah Comprehensive Secondary School) started in 1993. The school is committed to being one of the educational institutions by providing the appropriate educational environment for the academic interaction between students and faculty members to reach our request for academic excellence in processing and scientific research and imparting valuable information and skills to fulfill their future role in society. Best Face.

We have been keen to use the technology of education and technology as promised, the activation and use of interactive panels within the ranks of the basic stage, and we are looking for more to complete all the rows and the introduction of interactive boards.

This year has been full of achievements and activities. Our school always strives for the best by directing students' energies and talents towards constructive work, deepening scientific knowledge, encouraging scientific research, creative thinking, entrepreneurship and teamwork.

Ibn Taymiyyah's schools are striving for the highest and the best, so that ambition is achieved


Ibn Taymiyyah schools have a clear footprint everywhere

The achievements of our school have become very clear during this year. E-learning has become an important and instructive element in teaching, in addition to important and important assistance elements that have led to the development of education in a clear way, and to improve the level of students and improve their skills in reading, writing and speaking in both English and Arabic.

Our school always strives to provide the best for its students:


Starbord halls for teaching and activities where most of our students are very good at dealing with smart panels.

The rooms are distinctive and striking in line with the needs of the children at this stage.

Very special and experienced teachers in dealing with children, which left a very clear impact on the level of students.

A foreign teacher resident with kindergarten to teach the sounds of letters and songs in English The difference seemed obvious in the kindergarten students in English language Tezdalp kindergarten us from any other kindergarten in all skills of reading, writing, conversation and sounds characters.

Special games and wonderful in the form of wonderful and wonderful grassland safe and reassuring in the hearts of our young children, instilling in them the love of study and school.

See a special tool for the multiplication table
See a special tool for the multiplication table
Student Wissam Abu Hayyan A method for the multiplication table ...
Multiple activities in professional share
Multiple activities in professional share
Fifth grade students A tutor and multiple activities in the professional share of the banks lesson ...
Activities of fifth graders
Activities of fifth graders
Fifth Grade Students ...
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