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Knights Values Generations Schools
Jordan - Al-Zarqa - Awajan
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Knights Values Generations Schools
Welcome to Knights Values Generations Schools

The purpose of the education process is to enable the human being to reach the best of his abilities so that he can be a good citizen, balanced, conscious and aware of what surrounds him, belonging to his country, self-interest and society, and a believer in cooperation, justice, tolerance and respect for the other opinion. And attention to the aspects of personality: mental, spiritual, emotional and physical education and the principles of the religion and teaching how to learn, and raise it on the ideals of the nation and value, and scientific thinking and objectivity and follow the knowledge and science itself and develop itself throughout his life, in response to sustainable education and the economy of the ID In order to achieve the same service and community

General Director
Mohammed Bakr Al-Khalayleh

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Knights Values Generations Schools
Jordan - Al-Zarqa - Awajan

Our vision
Our school is an educational edifice that is based on an effective organization, its pillars are qualified teachers, its sons are creative students who belong to their religion and their homeland, its doors are education and computerization that surrounds a clean school environment and invests and rehabilitates all the material and human resources available to improve the educational level of the students and build their personality and meet their needs and planning for their future. Safe, non-violent,

Our Mission
Raising the level of education in our school through improving students' achievement through activities in all fields

 Instilling values ​​and good morals in the hearts of our knights to carry them the banner of science and move it

Providing the atmosphere and climate for the student from the first stage in the kindergarten and the basic stage keeps pace with scientific development in all aspects of life and behaviors, and teaching English, which became the first language.

   In order to achieve our vision we enable the student to obtain

The right to scientific knowledge, classroom interaction and bilateral dialogue based on the theories of multiple emotional intelligence

Providing a library and technical and vocational workshops and scientific laboratories equipped with the latest scientific equipment and technologies and halls

Providing the school with computer labs, and communicating effectively between the school and parents through the electronic network

Preparing special programs for gifted students through enrichment materials for the development of thinking skills and programs for those with learning difficulties through the LRC. The school also pays special attention to non-Arabic speakers
To take into consideration the individual differences among students through the system of groups and the necessary additional quotas that enhance the student's self confidence and abilities

Honoring our beloved knights
Honoring our beloved knights
Honoring our beloved knights God made them righteous It is the heirs of the Garden of Bliss And G...
Knights of the Third B are excelling in exams for the second month
Knights of the Third B are excelling in exams for the second month
Knights III b excelled at the second month examinations in all subjects Under the supervision of Ma...
Studied animal habitats with second graders
Studied animal habitats with second graders
Knights of the second row (a) studied the animals Tagged with Heba Tamimi ...
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