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كتابي ولعبتي
Jordan - Amman - Rabieh
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كتابي ولعبتي
Welcome to My book and toy kindergarten

We have always strived for excellence and we have always distinguished the Kindergarten Department with the educational and educational contribution through which we aspire to reach the highest levels of education, so we have chosen to select the distinctive educational curricula to lay the foundation for educating our children, educating them, refining their talents and discovering their abilities.

We also worked to provide educational staff with practical experience, educational and educational qualifications, which were selected according to high standards of accuracy

The department is also equipped with the best types of furniture, computers and the latest educational games that benefit in the development of the child's intelligence and physical and mental characteristics with our reliance on the curriculum of self-education.

We seek to deepen the Islamic principles in the hearts of children and enhance their freedom of opinion and self-reliance to create a Muslim generation capable of meeting the challenges

Tamara Rifai Hamasha

Class Price Curriculum
Preschool 1100 International Program
KG1 1100 International Program
Kg2 1200 International Program
Region One way Price Two way Price
Embassy of the Republic of China - Camberg Schools - Al Rabiah Market - Communication signal - Revival from Al Kalooti Mosque to Al Rabiah Market - Gardens Street from Al Waha Circle to Safeway Bridge - One way 290 Two way 420
Shmeisani - Dhahiyat Al Hussein - Madina Munawara Street - Umm Al-Summaq - Um Uthaina - Jordan University Bridge One way 350 Two way 500
Sports City - Al-Rasheed Suburb - Tlaa Al Ali - Khalda - Abdullah Ghosheh Street - Seventh - Sweifieh - Sixth - Fifth - Fourth One way 380 Two way 560
Jabal Amman (1st to 3rd circle) - Al Weibdeh - Abdali - Jabal Al Hussein (up to Firas roundabout) - Abdoun - Deir Ghbar - One way 425 Two way 620
Eighth circle - Dabouq until the signal of the palaces - Medical City Street from the eighth to the City Mall - Bayader Wadi Sir - Jandawil - Tabarbour to the area of Abu Alia - Jubaiha - Sweileh Industrial - One way 470 Two way 670
Marj Al Hamam / Dallah Circle - Airport Road / Madaba Bridge - Al Nakheel Village Area One way 490 Two way 690
كتابي ولعبتي
Jordan - Amman - Rabieh

Our vision
The creative abilities of children are unlimited and must be explored, stimulated and directed in the right direction

Our Mission
Discovering the talents and creativity of children and caring for all aspects of behavioral, psychological, educational, religious, social, and preparing the child (man of the future) intellectually, scientifically and behaviorally for the benefit of his nation and his country

Our goals
We look forward to being one of the best educational educational institutions in the Kingdom through the use of the latest theories, methods, methods and educational and guidance services to achieve our mission


What is distinguished
Distinguished management with experience in the field of children

Qualified Qualified Teachers

Fun educational activities and enrichment courses that develop the child's mental and psychological abilities

Teaching moral and religious values

SMART Board interactive boards

Native speaker

The use of the style of Montessori in education and play

Extensive playgrounds and indoor and outdoor activities

The closing ceremony of the book kindergarten and the second group of 2017/2018
The closing ceremony of the book kindergarten and the second group of 2017/2018
The closing ceremony of the book kindergarten and the second group of 2017/2018 and the word of the ...
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