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Al Bayan School
Jordan - Amman - Marj Al-Hamam
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Al Bayan School
Marj Al-Hamam
Welcome to Al Bayan School

In the name of of Allah the Merciful

The development of logical scientific thought among our students and the spirit of effective responsibility in the human community .. This is the statement of the statement ... The logical scientific thought is one of the requirements of human development .. The school strives to train its students through scientific research projects, reports and strategies organized by teachers for And the scientific experiments conducted by students in the laboratories of the school .. All this because the development of the world is not only suitable for the development of thinking and research and the development of the skill of discovery and innovation.

There is a basic duty of the school in preparing a student responsible to prove himself and convince others to exist and to create a student aware of the word "responsibility" in all sense of belonging and giving and sensing the meaning of the performance and the sense of great achievement and work on the development of school and self and then his community and thus his homeland.

The school has helped its students to reinforce their concepts of responsibility through volunteering programs that they have provided and prepared for them in a way that suits the students, their interests and the needs of the community.

At the moment that the statement goes out to the wider circle, the obstacles will not stop and will not be overcome by difficulties because it provides a lot of expertise and arming with many practices that will help it overcome.


General Director

Bushra Abdel Hamid

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Al Bayan School
Jordan - Amman - Marj Al-Hamam

Welcome to Al Bayan School


Al-Bayan Kindergarten and School was founded in 1983. It is a comprehensive school for all levels from kindergarten to full secondary school (scientific and information management). This year, the 24th graduating class will graduate from its high school students to join the ranks in the best national and international universities.

In order to keep pace with the educational process and the academic development, the school of the International Department, which teaches the British High School Certificate IGCSE, has been introduced.


Since its establishment, the school has been working hard and distinguished to raise the level of education and development of the student and his abilities and development of his tendencies and desires by providing the university teaching staff distinguished and subject to the school for continuous educational training sessions to stand on the latest educational methods in the educational process.

The school also provides its students with the right environment for learning in terms of classrooms, public atmosphere, computer labs, scientific laboratory, school library, and sports fields. Thus, the school balances the methodological and extracurricular activities which positively affect our students. The school is characterized by an advanced program in teaching Arabic and English languages ​​from kindergarten to high school. She also teaches science and math in English from the first grade. All this is because the goal of the Bayan school is to prepare the student to be a proactive human being, a disciplined and responsible person who believes in God, embracing his homeland and conscious of the heritage of his nation, an open producer of the world's civilizations and capable of decision-making.


Our vision

Developing students' scientific thinking and the spirit of effective responsibility in the human society.



Our Mission

Learning in a safe, cooperative and shared environment in order to prepare students in harmony with the latest developments and changes, integrated personality and initiator to work, able to take responsibility and believe in God, and proud of his patriotism and Arabism.

The Administration announces the holding of a scholarship exam for 2017/2018
The Administration announces the holding of a scholarship exam for 2017/2018
Scholarships for students (tenth - eleventh - twelfth) for the branch (scientific - and literary...
A conference for students entitled
A conference for students entitled "The impact of environmental problems on food"
Celebrating #earthday with a #scientifc_environemnt_conference lead by studetns from grade 6-11 disc...
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