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Hikmat Alfarooq Academy
Jordan - Al-Zarqa - Al-Dobbat neighborhood
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Hikmat Alfarooq Academy
Al-Dobbat neighborhood
Welcome to the academy of wisdom of Farouk

Director General's speech





The construction and investment in human is our craft at the academy of the schools of Hikma Al Farouk in the province of Zarqa Al-Ataia. The creativity, the world and the heritage do not come from a vacuum. The vision is clear, the lofty mission, the clear goals, the bright minds, the bright hands, the watchful eyes and the modern buildings, which are satisfied only with Al-Sadr's place between Riyadh and private schools. For the manufacture of livers and rehabilitation of the best life

Almighty said and make the eyes of Taha "39"

 Since 1978, our schools have been launched by young people at the hands of characters and balanced with all the strength and power to paint an extraordinary and distinguished future. Our schools have become a kiss for all those who want the fruits of faith and science.

 The management of the Academy has taken upon itself a general and diversified movement to make positive change in various sites in order to establish advanced educational systems so that our schools remain within the circle of competition in the field of renewable educational services

 We pride ourselves on achieving the first and second place in the world in the field of brain building and the development of amazing mental abilities in mathematics, and we have achieved the first place in the achievement of distinguished scientific, where we obtained the eighth place of the top ten in the Kingdom in the general secondary school certificate,

 May God reward you in the rehab of the Academy of Riyad and the schools of wisdom of Farouk.


 General Director

 Ahmed Al Maharma

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Hikmat Alfarooq Academy
Jordan - Al-Zarqa - Al-Dobbat neighborhood

Welcome to the schools of the Academy of wisdom of Farouk

The schools of Hakamah Al Farouk Academy, formerly known as Al-Zarqa in the schools of the Islamic Center Society, is the oldest and oldest institution in the country. It was founded in 1978 as a kindergarten for children and then continued to work and succeeded year after year to expand to five branches for all grades from kindergarten to high school with more than 2,000 students. student.

Al-Faruq Academy has an administrative and pedagogical staff that oversees schools as a public administration within a sophisticated organizational structure.



The largest educational institution has an impact on the provision of educational services in Jordan 2017


 the message

An educational institution with an Islamic identity that works to preserve the dignity of the Jordanian citizen and to enable him educationally and socially to name the country's renaissance and stability and cooperate with the actors locally, regionally and internationally on the basis of transparency,


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Transparency, dignity, cooperation, creativity, integrity, respect for responsibility and commitment

School radio gives the school queue a beautiful luster
School radio gives the school queue a beautiful luster
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  The Association opens the 65th Center for Community Services in Aujan.
  The Association opens the 65th Center for Community Services in Aujan.
The President of the Islamic Charity Center, Dr. Jamil Al-Deheisat, attended the opening ceremony of...
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