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Come and join us at Madaresona JO family to enjoy the exclusive membership MadaresonaJo is the biggest and most precise source for the Schools and kindergarten in jordan .
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+How to get MADARESONA discount
+How will I benefit from MadaresonaJo as a parent?

You can follow our schools interested in our children's educational trip

A structured and comprehensive guide: contains all the basic information for each school

The latest news, activities and events of each school: You can follow the latest developments of the school and its activities

Get huge discounts at many private schools and kindergartens

Education News, Activities and Events: The educational process includes news, news and activities

Educational and leisure activities for all ages in all regions of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

+How can I search for a school through MadaresonaJo?

You can do a preliminary search through our website, click here to go to the search page for schools. For a more comprehensive inquiry you can have advanced options with access to all school information and prices.

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+How has school information been collected?

Data collection methods varied from extensive search engine searches, direct contact with schools, and partnership with schools to update information periodically. All this to ensure the accuracy and accuracy of information added to MadaresonaJo.

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Payment can be made through sales invoice or cash deposit

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